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J.AND.C. COSMETICI SRL was founded by two sisters Giada & Cristina in order to represent an elevated quality standard of Sericin.
Our Sericin is made using a particular kind of silk chosen and worked directly in the family's company founded by the grandfather in 1936, that is a leader in world silk market.
In this structure we work the silk's waters in order to obtain after a filtration process the INTEGRA SERICIN which means that contains a part named SERICIN M that can regenerate the skin tissues. Actually J.AND.C. is the only one company all over the world that produce INTEGRA SERICIN.
J.AND.C. COSMETICI was created in 1999 to sell this incredible protein at different cosmetic companies around the world.
In march 2003, we decided to create our own cosmetic line using Integra Sericin 3%, a very high percentage that has allowed us to offer on the market a high quality standard of products.
The idea to recovery Sericin came to some manufactures in Como, they were supported from European Community in order to build a prototype system to recover the precious protein from the waters resulting from the silk work. After some months the plan has been abandoned for money lack but our silk family's company decided to make a great investment in order to construct a filtration system to recovery the Sericin.
We worked a lot to find the better method and in the end we obtained a 100% pure and sterile powder (soluble in water) of this precious protein.
Great aid to do this came from some our japanese silk costumers, they were able to give us really good advices.
When we realized that the Sericin percentage used in the products was minimal, we decided to create a solid soap using the 3% of this incredible Sericin. 'It was an experiment in fact it was the first time that was used in cosmetic fields such high percentage. It was an enormous success, we were able to sell all the soap production and our costumers appreciated a lot the soap's quality, particularly the rich and the very soft touch emulsion.'
The elevate percentage of Sericin used in this soap was noticed from many people who suffered from dehydration skin's problems that disappeard or diminished.
'It was then that was born the idea to create a cosmetic line using the Integra Sericin 3% that is composed of 12 products sold in Italy in pharmacies (for the Sericin's characteristics) and in luxury places for its uniqueness.
Our claim 'less but sill high quality' always accompanies us!