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Cream for lips & lip contour
Intensive silk treatment for lips and lip contour, with Integra Sericin 3%, Vit. E and Allantoin.


Silk Cream for hair
The J.AND.C. conditioning cream enrich with Sericin (the silk protein from Como) and Calendula, nourishes, hydrates and restructures hair from roots to ends.


Silk Bath & Shower
Formulated with Integra Sericin J.AND.C:, this Silk Bath & Shower with Mallow, thanks to its properties gives a long, pleasant sensation of wellbeing, prevents skin ageing, deeply hydrating and reparing skin tissue.

Ultra Silk Shampoo
This Sericin shampoo is especially formulated for daily use.
Hand cream
This hand cream is developed to prevent wrinkles, restructuring the epidermic tissues.
Hand foot cream
This hand-foot cream is formulated to treat damage and desquamate skin. It protects and can restructure the epidermic tissues.
Its formulation is aimed at enriching the same soap respecting the skin, cleansing it in depth without irritating it, hydrating and nourishing it.

Intensive anti-wrinkle serum
Intensive serum enrich with Integra Sericin (silk protein from Como), hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. This serum is especially formulated for the daily treatment of the deep wrinkles.

Hydrating face cream
A non-oily hypoallergenic cream which is deeply hydrating, nourishing, regenerating, and skin soothing.
Nourishing face cream
Wrinkle-preventing, strongly nourishing cream, deeply hydrating. It acts regenerating and restructuring the epidermic tissues.
Body cream
Nourishing, restructuring, skin hardening and deep hydrating cream.
After-shave cream
Hydrating, nourishing, regenerating, wrinkle-preventing after-shave gel, enriched with 3% of sericin, vitamin E and bisabolol.