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Sericina integra

A bio-adhesive molecule from silk
Lyophilized Sericin
Sericin commercialization
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Pure and sterile Sericin, lyophilized after extraction.
The silk is formed by two proteins: the Fibroin (silk thread) and the Sericin.
The silk is released by particular glands of the Bombix mori (silk worm) and is the main component of the cocoon protecting the chrysalis during its metamorphosis.
Its synthesis happens in a very particular process inside special glands where the main components, Fibroin and Sericin, are separately synthetizes, only after they join, before catching up Bombix mori glands; so they give origin to the shiny, thin, extremely resistant and worldwide known silk thread.
During all the spinning process, Sericin wraps up the Fibroin, its characteristic is to protect the cocoon from climatic variations, from UV rays and to prevent the lost of water into the silk thread (ability to hold the water).
Sericin can find numerous applications in the cosmetic field and can be considered an innovating and completely natural ingredient for the skin beauty.
Sericin has characteristics that are “moisture-retentive” and “UV ray-blocking”, moreover it can inhibit the effects of several enzymes that are responsible for skin aging and for the formation of wrinkles.
Sericin has essentially three cosmetic actions:
Direct hydrating effect: it allows the fixing of water into the cutaneous skin surface;
Indirect hydrating effect: the elastic and protecting film produced from Sericin reduces the transepidermal water loss (TEWL), reducing the cutaneous dehydration;
Tensor effect: Sericin, thanks to its elastic, adhesive and protecting film is able to have a tensor effect on the small wrinkles, reducing their depth and progressively improving skin conditions. The skin appears smoother and assumes a more extended aspect.
So, it can be easly deduced how the cosmetic applications of the sericin can be multiple.
Sericin has a great structural affinity with the keratin (that is present in skin, hair and eyelash) forming a complex similar to the one that it found in the silk fiber.
The result of this interaction is the formation of a protecting veil that gives a softness feeling, as well as smooth and downy skin.
Sericin also protects the skin from the atmospheric agents and pollution and it prevents and repairs the cutaneous damages.
Characteristics: deep hydration, Sericin allows the fixing of water into the cutaneous skin surface; it has soothe property, optimal remedy in case of skin irritation.
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