SETA – Luxury Silk Water


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SETA – LUXURY SILK WATER  – 50 ML (5% Integral Sericin)

‘Seta’ is our luxury silk water having high refreshing, moisturizing and regenerating power, formulated with next-generation Integral Sericin 5%. It has been conceived drawing inspiration from the beauty of princesses in the ancient Dynasties from East Asia, who had velvety and soft skin, shiny hair and a tradition of care through natural substances, passed down over the centuries.

Nowadays, that particular tradition has been counterproven by studies on the properties of Integral Sericin.

Sericin M*, extracted through a revolutionary process, is able to promote cohesion and growth of human fibroblasts, rapidly regenerating and restructuring the skin tissue with an immediate effect of skin rejuvenation, right away having your skin appear smooth and as soft as silk.

Seta Luxury Silk Water is a refreshing, moisturizing and revitalizing formula, suitable for all skin types. It is ideal every day, in every season and mostrly during scorching hot days, for those who may stay in a too dry environment and those travelling by plane.

* protein portion solely and exclusively contained in the Integral Sericin manufactured in Como, Italy, by J.AND.C.

How to use: nebulize on your skin and hair from a 30 cm (12”) distance and let dry or gently sponge. The slight ‘resinous’ feeling perceived during the drying phase guarantees the high percentage of Integral Sericin therein contained. Once dry, your skin will appear moisturized, smooth and velvety; and your hair will be shiny and silky.

External use only, avoid contact with eyes.